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Victor Marchione, MD received his Bachelor of Science Degree in 1973 and his Medical Degree from the University of Messina in 1981. He has been licensed and practicing medicine in New York and New Jersey for over 20 years. Dr. Marchione is a respected leader in the field of smoking cessation and pulmonary medicine. He has been featured on ABC News and World Report, CBS Evening News and the NBC Today Show and is the editor of the popular The Food Doctor newsletter. Dr. Marchione has also served as Principal Investigator in at least a dozen clinical research projects relating to serious ailments such as bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Certain types of alcohol, high in flavonoids, exert a benefit on your heart. They can protect this vital muscle from the conditions that trigger disease. One of them is high blood pressure. But the news isn't all good around this link. Can alcohol help reduce hypertension? Does it help trigger it? A look at the medical literature suggests both.
A new study has found that 1,000 milligrams (mg) of olive-leaf extract can lower both cholesterol and blood pressure in certain patients. The extract was one called “EFLA®943.”
There are conflicting reports about whether soy promotes the growth of certain cancers. A recent study says soy extracts and isoflavones could help stop tumor growth and progression.
In this three-part series, I'll focus on a vitamin often overlooked, but that has some significant health benefits. On top of being an essential nutrient, that is. This is an introduction to vitamin K, which is closely connected to blood's capacity to clot.
In doctors' health advice, they often go back and forth on what to say about alcohol. Drinking in moderation has long been a subject of medical studies, as there are many health benefits associated with responsible drinking. But alcohol, which has toxic elements, is considered unhealthy by many as well -- generally when used more often than "in moderation." A new study weighs in on this issue with an interesting finding about how alcohol could lead to "successful aging."
A high-sodium, low-potassium ratio is associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases. Best food sources of potassium, plus five foods high in sodium.