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Sports are an exciting thing. Besides their advantages for health and fitness they also provide you an extraordinary entertainment and freshness.
Most of us tend to dismiss nightwear or think it’s not of much importance. Who says your night wear can be drab and boring if it’s comfortable?
The Blackberry smart phones are not only fun and entertaining, but are immensely beneficial for work.
The category of Regional Books in India is large and thriving. The flavor of specific forms of literature is beyond compare, particularly when it is composed in the native languages. This sure is good news for the entire literary community in India, and also for the readers because regional books offer something that regular books don’t – telling a tale in the same language as the reader. The category includes everything, from journals, short stories, to novels and poetry.
Health, Body and Mind Books are quickly gaining a lot of readers today because of their sheer ability to connect the reader’s mind with his body and his heart, and in a very effective way offer alternative solutions to one's day to day problems.
The saree is a piece of clothing that has witnessed revolutionary change over the years. From a much formal and practical piece of cloth, to trendy designer saree that the world recognizes today, this piece of Indian Fashion has sure come a long way.
Gone are the days when Mobile Phones were a luxury only few could afford. Today, with a number of mobile phone companies joining the market, there is a mobile phone for everyone. From basic phones to smart phones and from brick-and-mortar mobile shops to online Mobile Stores that offer better deals and service, the Mobile Phone industry is growing ten folds, making communication easier.
Whenever we decide to take a vacation and travel to a local, national or even an international destination, one of the first things that come to our mind is to consult a Travel Book. Today there is a variety of Travel Books to choose from and most of them are written to such a precision that comes in handy in everything, from finalizing a hotel to stay to hiring the best cab service for a city.
The Padma Bhushan winner and highly acclaimed author of India After Gandhi, Ramachandra Guha , is back with his next - ‘Makers of Modern India’ which is a rich and comprehensive repository of India’s political traditions. Ramachandra Guha is a well known historian and columnist based in Bangalore.
Online Shopping in India is evolving fast and has the potential to grow exponentially, with the internet penetration growing far and wide. The primary hiccups that online shopping faced – like poor online shopping experience and skepticism surrounding security aspects of e-commerce...