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The Nokia N85 comes preinstalled with over 10 made-for-mobile N-Gage gaming titles. Gaming keys light up when the N85 is in landscape gaming mode. The built-in 5.0-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens features dual LED flash to snap clear images and DVD-quality videos at 30 frames per second
Sometime the links or website addresses become very long and so complicated to type in, send or remember. There are nowadays very many free services to shorten links making them suitable to SMS, email, tweet, post, simplify typing and save.
With built-in A-GPS sensors and an electronic compass, the Nokia N97 has 'social location' to automatically update social networks with real-time information
Following in the footsteps of its bigger, older brother, the Nokia N97 Mini still has 8GB of storage, a 3.2-inch touch screen display and a slide-out tilting QWERTY keyboard -- bundled into 14.2mm thin frame
The Nokia E63 is a QWERTY keyboard messaging phone designed for business users.
One of the things you have to understand about women is this: they can feel what you feel inside, except 10 times greater.
Behaving like a man should be the key to attracting desirable women.
Use Donate buttons to collect contribution payments. Donate buttons let you collect pre-determined amounts or amounts entered by donors.You can create Donate buttons that you add to your website by using a tool on the PayPal website
JavaScript code are instructions and classes that allow browsers to get information from a script in the server and update the page contents dynamically without having to reload the page
Because it is tiring to open a lot of windows to find a program, it would be easier if you just create a shortcut of your often used program or file by putting it right on your desktop or a common folder, then start the program from the desktop every time you want to use it.