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MJD Business Advice LLC is owned by Mike Daley, an award winning, small business expert, who has over 37 years of helping entrepreneurs start, grow, buy and sell businesses. We focus on business consulting with companies who have 100 employees or less.

During his 32 years of senior executive experience in marketing and sales management at Ford Motor Company, Mike was consulting and providing solutions one-on-one with the dealer distribution network in the areas of profit process improvements, finance, sales, marketing, employee satisfaction, training, and customer loyalty. While at Ford, his last twelve years were focused on improving the dealer network in Texas and Oklahoma as the franchise manager; working with potential dealership owners to forecast market potential, developing metrics to forecast their working capital needs, reviewing facility relocation and modernization plans, and focusing their business plan toward achieving specific goals to maximize their ROI.

For the last five years Mike has been consulting, counseling, and providing business advice to hundreds of potential start-up and existing businesses in a variety of industries. Through Mike's advice, clients have grown profits, obtained financing, increased sales, developed business plans, reduced costs, and improved customer loyalty. He has developed seminars on how to start a business and another on relationship selling. In addition, he has written articles for business journals and has made presentations at several organizations.

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