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(Network+, MCSE, Server+, CTT+) has garnered other certification milestones such as IBM PSE and Microsoft MCT/ MCSE. This is the result of almost 40 years of "fussing with electronics." When not writing or teaching CompTIA, he is doing research. For some reason, day traders follow his entries here at TRCB.

Co-Author of GT Success* Express books. Speaker @ SMBNation, ETA-I.
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The Customer Advantage is built on the hottest trend on the Internet known as the "Daily Deal". By offering a 50% or more discount on local products and services in your area. This creates a real win-win by driving new customers to local small businesses.
Groupon and Social Living meet a new player in Social Media. One that is paying out cash.
"Robot Video" makes creating a YouTube commercial for local businesses as much fun as a video game. It's only $10 for the local business to get on YouTube, and you get paid to play!
Modern technology has reduced the effort of creating video to the point of automagic. No equipment required, while getting amazing fast indexing in the search engines.
Identity theft is an on-going problem. Several easy ways to create STRONG passwords, that are very easy to remember is presented. It includes how to have different passwords for different sites.
Unless you have been having an extended vacation on the International Space Station, you probably know already that video marketing is at least as important as getting out there in social media. And many want to put their 'head in the sand' over this because they think it's too hard, too expensive, too something. Here you will learn several 'how-to' methods that are of little to zero pain.
Google has held their press conference, and the rumors are over. Can it change the cell phone game in the USA? The answer is it depends on your life style.
The speculation is over. CES 2010 is on. Some no surprises (802.11n wireless is official) & the 3D battle is heating up. The biggest wow is the price points.
A lifetime of travel suggested I might want to be my own travel agent (to myself). The slime and untruths I got over 2 years was amazing. The road was expensive. And it was worth it.
Great detail on things to do in New York and how to save on New York sightseeing using New York CitPass for Empire State Building tickets, American Museum of Natural History, Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Cloisters,statue of Liberty and New York Attractions.