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Review articles can be a nice change of pace from your regular essay articles and numbered list articles. The purpose of a review article is to provide your reader with unbiased information that you have gathered about the product, service, or destination that you are reviewing.
Writer's block is extremely common, even with exceptionally gifted professional writers. It is not related to your technical ability to write--It is primarily a mental hurdle that will eventually go away, rather than a true diminishment of your writing ability.
Writing articles does take time and effort, but it is certainly doable for the average person. The easiest way to learn how to write online content is to break the article down into parts.
In writing your online content, you also have to give your readers what they want. Online readers are searching for solutions to problems. They are not looking for sales pitches or advertisements.
5 article marketing tips that help people to improve their writing.
In order to appear in the search engine rankings, you must create a website with appropriate content on it. Here are some ideas on the kind of content to provide in a website
There are a number of article marketing "myths" going around that I get questioned about on an ongoing basis. So, let's begin with the most basic myth--that somehow, there is something underhand about article marketing and that you risk punishment from Google for doing it.
We would all like to think that readers are hanging on every word of our article and devoting ample time to digesting the content and ideas, but for most online readers that is simply not the case. Why is formatting so important? The main issue is readability. Internet readers have unique challenges. This article provides formatting tips to help your articles appeal to online readers.
This article teaches you how to evaluate article submission services to find the best one to meet your needs. Follow these 10 tips for finding the perfect article submitter.
Recently I surveyed a community of people interested in online articles, and I asked them what makes a really excellent piece of content in their eyes. What makes an article memorable, sharable, and helpful and sets it head and shoulders above the crowd of other online content? The feedback that I received was eye opening. Among other things, the readers I polled were craving articles that reveal the personality of the author....