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Stuart is Director of Sportsballshop and has in insiders knowledge in the world of balls. He specializes in Hockey Balls, Tennis Balls, Netballs and Cricket Balls. Although he sells all ranges these are the key areas of his expertise.

He is also a qualified coach and keen sportsman. He regularly writes coaching articles on Cricket and Hockey.

To become a top tennis coach will take years of dedication and commitment but, how do you start on the tennis coaching ladder?
You may have just started playing Hockey, or you may be nearing the end of your hockey career and have though about taking up a coaching role at your club. How do you go about it? How much does it cost? What courses dpo i need to attend? These are questions that i hope to have answered by the end of the article.
Most sportsmen and women get to a stage in their career or hobby when they start thinking about, how to continue their involvement in the sport as they get older. Many walk away from the sport they love and take up something slightly more serene. It doesn't have to be the case though.
How often have you planned a coaching session but, forgot to address the warm up? Here we outline the important things to remember about the warm up.
Catching a Ball can be an easy thing to do or the most difficult thing ever. Players need to be confident int heir ability to catch and the coaches role is very important to increase that confidence.
Choosing a Field Hockey Ball can be very confusing, use this hockey ball guide to ensure you pick the right one.
How to get fit for Cricket. It is easy to do no exercise during the Cricket off season, this guide should help you stay fit.
When Graeme Welch first thought up the double bouncer it caused controversy. But should it have been banned by the ECB?