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Mr. Mills' practice primarily involves the representation of clients in real estate, financial, and commercial transactions with particular emphasis on environmental matters. His practice includes transactional matters, as well as civil litigation in both administrative actions and state and federal court. Mr. Mills is the author of numerous articles in professional and trade publications and makes regular presentations to trade groups. Education: B.A., Michigan State University, 1983; J.D. University of Georgia, 1986.

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* Financial Services
* Construction
* Real Estate Development
* Environmental
* Petroleum Distributors

The Importance of Corporate Formalities; Complete and accurate corporate records are the hallmark of a well run business.
Losing your home can be a frightening reality that requires a good plan of action to fix. Keep in mind that most lenders would prefer to keep you in the home if there is a chance that you will remain current on the mortgage moving forward.
Too often people are more worried about the condition of their car than themselves after an accident. Always remember that you have two separate claims that arise out of an accident where you were hit through no fault of your own, a property damage claim for your vehicle and a personal injury claim for yourself.
Generally speaking, a Chapter 7 liquidation seeks to distribute the value of any non-exempt assets of a Debtor to the Debtor’s unsecured creditors, and any remaining unsecured debt balances will be discharged, meaning the creditors no longer have a right to recovery on that debt, permitting the Debtor to “start fresh.”
For many individuals struggling with financial difficulty, filing for bankruptcy protection provides an honorable means to discharge debt and start fresh. In most situations, a bankruptcy petition will put an immediate stop to bill collector harassment, threatening letters, repossessions, foreclosures, and pending lawsuits.
As most people without legal status within the State of Georgia have learned, it has become impossible for illegal immigrants to obtain a driver’s licenses within the state. In years past, a person only needed to present two forms of legal identification and pass a driving test in order to obtain a state issued driver’s license.
The damages inflicted upon a person who has been injured in an automobile collision as a result of another person’s negligence obviously contain very real-life consequences. In fact, the nature and extent of damages caused to an injury victim may have a debilitating effect on the individual, conversely giving the victim an emotional disincentive to pursue his or her claims.
If you have been involved in an automobile accident as a result of the negligence of someone else, the time to act is now. Many people who have been injured in an automobile collision may not realize that Georgia law affords injury victims certain rights and protections that begin immediately.
It is important to keep abreast of the ever-evolving law pertaining to non-competition restrictive covenants. Mid-level marketers of petroleum product often encounter or need to consider such covenants in a) employment contracts with key personnel, and b) contracts involving the acquisition of locations or other jobberships.
Legal disputes often arise concerning ownership of underground storage tanks, which have been installed or affixed to real property. Resolution of such underground storage tank issues often depend upon whether the underground storage tanks attached to the realty are chattel and treated as personal property or whether the underground storage tanks are deemed fixtures and thereby treated as part of the real estate.