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Sherri Stockman is a Naturopathic Practitioner and natural healer living and working in the Central Texas Hill Country. She is passionate about Earth Stewardship, green before Green was cool.

Petrolatum and mineral oil are not effective facial moisturizers because these compounds cannot be readily absorbed by the skin. Your facial cream will be much more effective - healthier, too - with certain proven natural ingredients.
The antibacterial and antifungal powers of active manuka honey products are proving so powerful that studies are being conducted to see if it is effective in the treatment skin ulcers that are resistant to commonly used antibiotics.
When you purchase an anti aging skin care product, is your money going to finance slick advertising for the cosmetic company, or for quality ingredients, professional scientific research, and attentive customer service?
If you rely on the test results from public water treatment facilities, you should know that the Washington Post reported that employees across the country are modifying or misreporting their results, so that their water purification process will get a passing score.
If you asked the question, Is bottled water better than tap? my answer might surprise you. Take a look at these examples and you can decide for yourself.
You can find skin care information almost anywhere these days. But be careful - the people on the infomercials and in magazines might be giving you skin care info that benefits them more than you.