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Granada is located in the middle of two hills at the base of the Sierra Nevada. It is the capital of Andalusia.
Murcia is located in the southeastern part of Spain.
Navarre features as a Sovereign region in the northern expanse of the country of Spain.
Zaragoza is an impressive land that has interesting picturesque villages still holding popular traditions customs.
This is a town situated on the northeast of Alicante and to the south of Javea and Altea.
BAEZA is a densely populated but rather small provincial town located in the Jaen region of Andalucía to the South of Spain.
The beautiful boulevards in the town centre of ARONA centre are fine for a short leisurely walk.
Spain prides herself for diversified scenery as well as trends when it comes to nurturing vineyards to produce some of the wines wide-reaching finest quality.
Seville is one of Spain’s popular cities for tourists.
Laid down at the seam of two rivers on countryside of craggy limestone protrusions.