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 Coming from Serbia,lawyer,most time spend on the net,love books,dedicated to self-improvement,my site is called Searching for Secret Grail-i won old age.I write abstracts&reviews on favorite masterpieces/Master and Margarita;Gone with the Wind,;Jane Eyre../ and i like more to say they are abstracts, because i make a new story,it is not about writing review in a classic way.

My e-book " Long Live Witches"is based on personal life experience of self improvement,which includes process of how to Stay Young.

Some of that life juice she put into Jane Eyre ,much loved novel by all generations that survived its time and longing to reach timeless;she lived her imagined landscape and a fairy tale house with ghosts,dwarfs,wizards and villa’s orb-all of which she dreamed in early childhood by fantasy of a lovely child arisen in whirl of mixed passions ,where God and Devil battled each other.