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Certified Youth Trainer

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"I believe, I can FLY!" is what Rahim Virani says.

Young-mature, Zeal, Optimistic, Visionary, Enthusiasm and Professionalism is what people describe him and he believes that everyone has the freedom of choosing their own path and live life accordingly.

RV is a living bundle of leading youth trainings, seminars and student counseling. Moreover he is a certified young trainer (T.T.Y.T) from SoL, and has lead and worked for numerous training projects with leading trainers and organizations. He loves religion, business and hunting knowledge. His trainings and leadership styles are all action pact and performance oriented and he acknowledges his team members.
In-addition, he has done numerous shows for OpenFrequency - A Dawnnews TV Channel program.
Currently, he is engaged with Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA), which is in the last stages of completion.







This article is dedicated to people linked with Pakistan, in-addition there are numerous problems regarding "Why Pakistan is not heading ahead?" But in this article there is only one common problem cum solution, which I personally think should be implemented, in-order to be a Developed nation.