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Why Customers Buy (And Why They Don't)

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Are you losing customers because you don't know how the brain works?

Do you really understand how the marketing brain works? Are you harnessing its immense potential to make your business generate greater revenues? Wouldn't your strategy and tactics be vastly different, if you understood these psychological marketing ideas?  Once you read our monthly newsletter, you will know what we say!  For more information please visit www.psychotactics.com

When you went to buy your computer, you paid for the computer in advance. When you went to the dentist, you paid your $5000 bill on the way out. And yet, when it comes to collecting money in your own business, you're running up against a big, bad wall.
So yes, you've been persuaded to put up a blog. And yes, you did as you were told. But that blog isn't quite selling as many products or services as you expected.
I got a note from a client who said that she wanted to buy our product, but that certain things on the website made her unsure.
I was lousy at marketing. Well, let’s put it this way: I was (and still am) an outstanding cartoonist. And marketing was nowhere close to being my forte. I’d write, but I’d agonise over it. The only thing that kept me going was the audience.
Do you want to write articles and write them faster? Do you want to write outstanding articles and write them faster? Do you want to avoid slogging over one darned article for three hours?
I wasn’t a big fan of algebra in high school I liked geography. I liked history. I even liked languages. You could safely say I liked everything but maths.
When you complete an article, you always have one of two reactions. You think it rocks. Or you think it sucks. And you may be wrong on both fronts. You may think your article rocks, when in fact it sucks. And vice versa.
When we started up in the year 2000, we had a terrible business. I was a cartoonist. No one would hire me as a marketer. I had no clients, no income (except from cartooning) and I was going around in circles trying to get people to listen to my ‘marketing advice.’
Most speakers simply show up to an event. This may be an event that's a speaking event. It may be a workshop or teleconference. It may even be your own teleclass or consulting session.
Every day at a certain point in my day my brain is exhausted. And this tiredness has nothing to do with writing. It's rather got something to do with walking. And listening.