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Spain is absolutely outstanding; it is enough to spend just one day on its territory in order to understand why it is such a preferred, such a popular tourist destination.
Barcelona is definitely one of the best cities to visit in Spain, the city that sometimes manages to attract more tourists than Madrid does.
Villajoyosa is one of the popular tourist destinations along the Costa Blanca, a beautiful resort located somewhere between the famous Alicante and the vibrant Benidorm.
Spain is definitely the type of country that offers its tourist anything they like, as it is extremely diverse.
Costa Blanca is definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain.
The Alicante tourist information will provide all the details you need in order to find the best chalets, villas and apartments in the city.
Spain is without any doubts the type of country that can offer spectacular holidays to any type of tourist.
The area known as Galicia, which is located just to the north of Portugal, is a hilly and damp area with a rugged coast and interesting local traditions and dialect.
Those who want excellent beaches and the famous ‘’sun, sand and sangria’’ should definitely visit Benidorm.
Home to approximately 45 million, Spain ranks sixth most populated country in Europe.