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Business acceleration expert and growth strategist Paul Lemberg is the CEO of Axcelus: Advanced Business Acceleration for Entrepreneurs. Axcelus helps fast-growing entrepreneurial companies scientifically engineer the greatest business value possible, in the shortest amount of time.

Paul Lemberg's clients call him "the unreasonable business coach," because he insists that they pursue goals and take actions far outside their comfort zone. What results do they get from taking such drastic measures? Process breakthroughs, sky-high profits, and greater life satisfaction.

Paul's clients include hundreds of companies and individuals both large and small. Some of the more recognizable ones are Cisco Systems, Adobe Systems, American Skandia Life, Mass Mutual, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Lexis/Nexis, OpenText, Deutsche Bank, National Westminster and ABN/AMRO. He has also worked with Jay Abraham and Tony Robbins. Although you may never know their names, many his less recognizable clients have gone on to sell their companies for millions and tens of millions of dollars.

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