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From both versions of Drupal – Drupal 6 and Drupal 7, Developers are usually confused which one to use to deliver best solutions. Some of the features and functionality of both of them are being discussed in this article.
Ruby on Rails is a popular platform and its use is increasing for web development. It is a cost-effective platform and enables to complete the development work quickly. ROR is a mature and secure framework and works effectively to build incredible websites.
PHP helps to create functional websites that increases the site's visibility among users and increases business prospects. PHP app development has widely increased over the years owing to its success in the app development industry.
Magento Ecommerce offers extreme versatility when it comes to online business and its expansion. Some wonderful features are being discussed in this article which makes it as the best choice amongst web developers.
After building a brand new website or blog, it is very important to get it indexed by Google and other major search engines. The effective techniques that can be applied for getting site indexed faster are being discussed here.
Magento CMS provides numerous benefits like in-built SEO, control over content, etc for ecommerce business. Here, some of the important advantages and functionalities of Magento is being discussed.