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Degree: Bachelor of Science in Political Science (2007) Undergraduate School: Kennesaw State University

Notable Accomplishments:

1. President of Student Government at Kennesaw State University (2004-2005)

2. Serves on the Pakistan Israel Peace Forum Advisory Committee

3. Served as Vice President of Pakistani American Community of Atlanta.

Every day we are reminded that there are individuals that portray themselves as above society.  There are individuals that think that Money and Financial Power is key to happiness.  There are those that believe "First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get respect."  There is an error in this message for it speaks of no love, kindness nor compassion. 

The greatest strength of an individual is their mercy.  The greatest gift of an individual is their love.  The greatest skill of an individual is their kindness.  I have a motto I live by, Diplomacy before Dialogue.  You can not speak to someone that does not exist.  It is time for Diplomatic Relations to be Established. 

Iranian Protestors must listen to the Ayotollah and his message. The Ayotollah is to Shias as the Pope is to Catholics. This will only show him and help them prove to him the value of Democracy and Freedom. This is about more political rights and freedom.
Pakistan's Long March has only shown one thing, the need for new leadership in Pakistan. However, the only way we will learn that it will be successful or not is when the Judicial Institution is looked upon with equal respect from the other branches of government. The Long March has shown the Power of Nawaz Sharif, but it should show the never ending inspiration of Father Jinnah.
Pakistan's Long March represents more than a movement, it represents hopes for a stronger judiciary and the quest to stop Pakistan from becoming a failed state. But Pakistanis must stand together to stop the terrorism and put emotions aside. The Long March may have started on March 12th, 2009, but it will not end until the Judicial Branch of Pakistan is respected.
It is time to stop being envious of the personal lifes of Pakistan's Political leaders. It is time to become a tolerant Pakistan. A tolerant Pakistan must look past a public figure's personal life, but as long as their personal life does not affect public policy. It is time for Pakistanis to criticize the politics of public administration, rather than criticize them for who they are dating.
Richard Holbrooke is President Barack Obama's most important Ambassador to the Islamic World. Richard Holbrooke has a challenging task ahead in Afghanistan and Pakistan. His main challenge will be Pakistan. Munzir Naqvi's advice to Richard Holbrooke on how to make effective policies that will not only Win the War on Terror but improve United States-Pakistan Relations. Madrassahs will be among Ambassador Holbrooke's greatest challenges.
In a world of global crisis and the need for new energy plants, Pakistan offers opportunities for Investors who are looking for an investment with a great long term return. The Global Energy demand puts Pakistan, the World's Sixth Largest nation in Population, at a brink of an Energy boom.
Dr. Martin Luther King believed in equality. Equality was the movement that helped India, Pakistan and Bangladesh achieve independence from the British Empire. Equality was the lesson that helped achieved justices. Israel and Palestine must implement the teachings of Prophet Moses to achieve a solution beyond a lifetime.
The state of Politics in Pakistan is threatening to the international community. The greatest challenge is security, but the greater issue in creating greater security is corruption. Corruption by these Politicians in Pakistan only fuels terrorism. These politicians needs to be smart businessmen, if they want to be a businessmen. A smart businessman improves the quality of their product.
With the recent attacks in Mumbai, India, it is a reminder of why Terrorism is a Global Threat. The only way Terrorism will be defeated is when Pakistan and India come together to fight terrorism. But unity between Pakistan and India against terrorism is difficult to achieve.
Letter to Barack Obama in regards to a New Strategy for Pakistan. Calling on President Obama to reconsider his strategy in light of recent events and the new direction that the Office of the President must take in the Islamic World. It is President Obama's opportunity to strengthen a democracy, or see a democracy loose to another potential dictatorship.