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For those of you who love the idea of having a 1940's vintage wedding set in the big band era, this theme should provide a lot of entertainment and fun.
You may have already realized that weddings are expensive. It is common these days for brides and grooms to cut costs from their wedding but still keep the quality at a high level. The best place to start cutting costs may be by looking for inexpensive wedding favors.
Wedding receptions are big money for businesses across the globe. In fact, there are actually many hotels and resorts that exist solely for offering wedding parties with a range of luxury reception ideas and venues.
These days business cards are much more than just a way to give someone your contact information. They are a crucial part of marketing.
Do you want a white vanilla wedding cake with sugary frosting? What about a wedding cake that looks fabulous but tastes similar to cardboard? Or would you rather one that looks delicious enough to eat - and actually is?
Have you ever thought about being an entrepreneur and starting your own business? Can you imagine your personal name or your own company name imprinted on promotional items and being distributed to a bunch of potential customers?
Beach weddings are now becoming the most popular way to get married. Many couples are finding the simplicity of a beach wedding much easier on the wallet and much more romantic than a traditional church wedding.
Imagine the sound of waves gently lapping over white sand, a cooling fresh breeze ruffling your hair, and crystal clear water that spans out as far as the eye can see. Doesn’t this sound like the ideal place for a wedding? It is no wonder that a beach wedding is extremely popular and more and more places are offering beach wedding packages.
The tradition of giving wedding favors is rooted in ancient European history. It was a ritual of common practice for wealthy aristocrats who were celebrating marriages, christenings, births and birthdays.
When it's time to do your holiday business gift shopping, where and when do you begin? Some people are naturally better at planning ahead than others. We all have our own styles and preferences. Whatever works best for you is perfectly fine. But for those of you who may prefer to have some additional guidelines or suggestions to follow, here are some tips.