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Professional graduate working since 2000. At the moment I am working as Assistant Manager Intnational Trade herein Karachi.

When Pakistan got independent at that time our country was great, our people were great and our leaders were also great. But today, our country is poor, people of the country are poor and leaders are billionaires! The worst conditions of this great country and nation were never before.
This is about 2nd best Mayor of the World. Syed Mustafa Kamal was declared as a 2nd best mayor of the world. This was very great news for Pakistanis and especially for the people of Karachi.
Communication is the essential part of every human being since human birth. No person can live without it or even think about it. If we do not talk to any one or do not communicate just for 10 minutes, we will be looked pensive.
Teenagers: Now a days teens do not want to be a gentle person or even do not think of it. They do not want to listen a single word against their attitude or against what they are doing. Their mind has automatically setup what they are doing is very much right.
THE HOLY QUR'AN is a great Book not till now but the end of this World (Day of Judgment). ALLAH has taken the duty to protect this Book and this is the only Book which always available without any changes (even a single word) till the end of this world!
This article is about learning English language online at bbc.com.
It is all about salesmanship which further divided into two category, Verbal Salesmanship and Written Salesmanship.