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Study finds that a huge chunk of consumers are planning on getting a new HDTV within the year, but significantly less individuals plan to get in on the 3D bandwagon.
Don't waste space in your closet. Get a closet organizer to tidy things up in there.
Blender can help reduce freckles, blemishes and the signs of aging.
Occupiers in New York's Zuccotti Park are taking out the trash.
Famous rappers are wearing women's clothes and jewelry on stage.
Stress leads to acne breakouts. Cut some of it out of your life and your skin could clear up.
The cloud's ability to switch servers when an overwhelming amount of queries are detected keeps cloud sites safe.
A busted engine is a real downer, but re-manufactured motors provide make for affordable replacements.
With the falling of the leaves comes the changing of fashionable colors.
The new program is part of their overarching Generation Green initiative.