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Matt Holley is a recent graduate of UNCW, who has made a life of everything Disney! Took my first trip in 1982, and have made return trips almost every year since then. I always seem to be planning the next trip and offering advice to friends that are going for the first time. Sometimes I get more excitement helping others then I do with my own trip. Disney always has and always will be a special place for me, I can't wait to share it with my kids, the way my parents shared it with me.


The Country Bear Jamboree is a theater-style attraction with Audio-Animatronics’ characters. Come in for some old-fashioned music -- you'll have a foot- stompin', hand clappin' good time! As you enter Grizzly Hall, get ready for 16 minutes of good ol' country music! You'll be entertained by 18 bears, a raccoon, a buffalo, a stag and a moose the likes of which you may never see again.
A giant-sized playground geared to youngsters, Tom Sawyer Island is inspired by the famous works of author Mark Twain.
The ride is a relatively mild indoor/outdoor roller coaster based on the concept of a runaway train careening through an abandoned mine complex. In contrast to Space Mountain, where the tracks are largely hidden from view, the thrills are meant to come from the perceived instability of the mine and its threats to collapse. Speeds can reach 24-30 miles per hour so the centrifugal force as you round the turns will pull you from one side to the next.