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Maria Meiners is known as the "Manifesting Muse," and helps ordinary people learn to Manifest using Law of Attraction principles. If you're new to manifesting, or frustrated because it doesn't seem to be working in your life then Maria can help you get real, measurable results starting today!

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In Law of Attraction you ask and the Universe delivers, right? But what if you're not sure what you want? How do you go about figuring that out?
In many spiritual circles it is generally accepted that attachment is something to be avoided. It may be unpopular but I submit that attachment can, in fact, be a very good thing.
Your relationship with money is one of the most significant relationships you have. Find out how falling in love with your money can have a positive effect on the amount you have in your life.
Ever have a rotten day? The kind that makes you want to crawl back under the covers and have a do over? Here's a quick re-frame for your manifesting woes so that the rest of your day can be smooth sailing!
Sometimes happiness can be found in the weirdest places. Like a simple kitchen tool for instance. Who knew it had so much power?
In manifesting people often think about the really big stuff. But it's in the small things that the magic of manifesting really happens.
So you've been asking for this big thing and and here it is at your door. Are you ready to let it in? Or is it a bit scary now that it's here?
In Law of Attraction one of the big things that people often want is more money. Abundance is in our lives all the time, and not always in the form of money coming in. Here are other great ways money sneaks into our lives (and we don't always even realize it).