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Making Music is a bimonthly magazine for adult amateur and recreational musicians. Our readers make music simply because they enjoy it—it helps them to relieve stress, connect with their loved ones, and express themselves creatively. Many have played all their lives, while others have only discovered music recently. We publish articles on music theory, practicing and performing techniques, and the health and wellness benefits of playing a musical instrument. Our stories feature real people who find ways to fit music making into their lives, and is intended for musicians of all playing abilities.

Tips for playing and feeling your best at winter gigs.
Gives tips on how to decide on your drumsticks, as well as descriptions of different kinds and recommendations of quality sticks.
This story is about the African drum circles that Biboti Ouikahilo has brought to the Syracuse, NY community. The article talks about the benefits of group play, the types of drums used in African drumming and the Wacheva Cultural Arts organization that Ouikahilo and his wife opened. It is from the perspective of Jason Borisoff, who joined Ouikahilo's class and learned about African drumming and drum circles.