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Kristi Rohtsalu is co-founder of FRXmarket.com, the P2P online market for finding, buying and selling independent professional financial & economic knowledge. She is also bank risk professional, financial blogger and hobby analyst. She writes at blog.logicoffinance.com and occasionally contributes to other financial websites. 

Kristi is committed to encouraging open mind and improving the way of thinking. In her non-financial writings, she shares her thoughts and views about life.

It’s not that much of how education system is built up, but how well it prepares us for living our lives. This is the second article out of the three, and considers more closely our current system in its incompleteness.
It’s not that much of how education system is built up, but how well it prepares us for living our lives. This is the first article out of the three, and deals with the limitations of our education clearly visible in the times of a severe financial and economic crisis.
It’s rather common that first of all, people are searching for safety and comfort in their lives. Choosing safety means choosing no risks, or in practice, trying to minimise them. Comfort means no need for going outside our comfort zone, i.e. the environment in which we are used to operate. That’s why we go to school, study hard, try to find a stable workplace and, when once found, work hard and save money for pension. However, this may neither be what we actually want nor a safe choice.
“But love must begin from the beginning. It must begin with this first step: love yourself.” [OSHO, 1931-1990] Loving yourself is getting you through continuous change and development, being yourself, and enjoying your presence at every moment. It gives you the power of doing things, it takes wings. It has nothing to do with ego that stems from comparing yourself with the others and more-less means loving of your image instead of yourself.
It’s sometimes correctly pointed out that “saying yes is easy, saying no is a skill” ... and an important skill. People without that skill tend to be overloaded with requests and assignments, and continuously overworked, doing low-quality job and missing deadlines. So, when wanting to say “no”, you should do so without feeling guilty.
Your home is just another office. You take office equipment with you wherever you go, even on vacations. You frequently are “problem solving” work situations in your mind, even during your “time off”. These are just some of the clear signs of workaholism. Let’s consider the situation more objectively, as a third party. As you will see (if not seen until now), workaholism doesn’t have a point; furthermore, it can easily be destructive even if only keeping work in mind.
There are the two sides of economic downturn: the left side and the right side. In the left side there prevail fear, nervousness, everlasting stress, worsening financials, debts, losses. The right side is the side of winners who see great opportunities where the others see only crash and crisis. When reading this article, you can get an insight of the way the ones in the right side differ from the ones in the left side, and how to be in the winners’ side next time (and for always).