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Kali S Winters has been teaching and educating others on the importance of Herbs and Natural Home Remedies for over 30 years. Visit Kali’s sites: Holistic Herbs and Hair Remedies at Home to become more Self Sufficient within these trying times.

It's relatively easy to make and enjoy natural beauty products that pamper your skin and hair while enveloping yourself with their light herbal fragrance.
There are many things you can do to condition the scalp and nourish and strengthen the hair. Traditional Chinese Medicine explains the basis of hair loss.
It is not the shape of the face that counts but the size of the face. Proportion is the key. This one's simple. Too much hair surrounding a small face can be overwhelming.
Shampoos and conditions are not enough. To make sure that you are giving your crown of glory attention, you have to be aware that nutrition plays a very important role in having terrific, shining hair.
Herbed oil are a boon in the kitchen if you want to marinate, brown meats and braise, baste, make fried rice, cook in oil and make salad dressings. Herbs that make good culinary oils are basil, savory, fennel, thyme, rosemary and tarragon.
Parents have become so frustrated with the repeated treatment of lice. There are other natural hair home treatments available for a lice head treatment at a fraction of the cost and work more effectively, without damaging your child's natural hair follicles.
Herbs disguise the fact that you're not using butter—just substitute low-sodium herb margarine in any recipe calling for butter…even popcorn! Here are examples of how herbs and spices can dress up your "treat" food
Bush basil is more adaptable for growing in pots in the house, on balconies or in window boxes. It is best to sow a few seeds into individual pots and when they have germinated, pull out the weaklings and leave the rest to grow on in their pots on a windowsill. In this way you can have basil in the home all through the year.
You don't need a green thumb to build an herb garden. Herbs are incredibly adaptable so they require less attention than vegetable gardens. Most herbs thrive in the sun, with six to eight hours of exposure being the ideal. Herbs generally need less water than flowers or vegetables do. In fact, many need to be watered only under drought conditions.
Soapworts Soapy Character is Suitable for Different Hair Types and is Known to Make Great Hair Remedies for Growth. Used as a Sulfite Free Shampoo and Shampoo for Dandruff.