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The Canadian and the U.S. Defense Departments extend contracts and sub-contracts to dual-use manufacturers, those that fill both private and military orders.
The .tel suffix has been instituted as a designation for services connecting telephone networks and the Internet.
In the past three decades there has been a steady increase in young golfers and the specialized smaller-scale golf clubs.
Golf has become a sensation in most countries around the world as professional heroes are emulated by the public and children have taken up the sport.
The smallest of businesses can be affected by world events and economic shadows on the horizon but in Toronto there are ample jobs and consumers to buy retail products such as clothing.
Sales success happens in direct proportion to effective advertising and displaying of goods such as clothes, sporting goods, and electronics.
In conventional medicine a visit to the doctor will usually end up with a scribble on a prescription pad.
The dominance of multinational pharmaceutical companies depends on the public's perception that packaged chemicals will maintain health.
Canadians who have completed their sentences after having been convicted of a criminal offense can apply for a pardon; the Governor General can also grant clemency if there is new evidence of innocence or other reason to remove records or sentences.
The list of services that come with an SEO packaged program can be inflated to look good by putting in routine or useless procedures for the sake of making a bigger menu to build a visual value to the unsuspecting customer. Site owners often feel cheated because they bought based on price rather than on the qualifications of the firm, and time is money when it comes to SERPs.