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The reason I am into this whole fitness, health field I think was when I turned 12 on February 12th. I was in school and it was towards the end of the day and had just finsihed passing out the cupcakes that I brought to the class.

My teacher gets a call from the principal saying that my dad was there to pick me up.

I was so shocked, happy, and excited thinking my dad had come to get me out of school early because it was my birthday.

It was an awesome feeling...

However, that excitement was short lived as I had found out that my favorite uncle passed away. My aunt had come home and found him on the floor lying face down.

Now, my uncle was one of the most influencial people in my life during that time. He bought me my first weight set when I was 11. He bought me my first basketball jersey of my favorite player. To me, he was the man and someone I always wanted to be like.

After a few weeks went by, the autopsy report came back and they found he died of a massive heart attack.

He was only 47 years old.

That day was a huge eye opener for me because it was something that could have been avoided if he had just taken care of himself, ate right and exercised.

Because of his passing, I feel led me to pursue my degree in Exercise Science and to start personal training at a very young age.

SO I guess this is why I'm here today trying to spread the message of health to as many people who would listen.

I guess we all have pivotal moments in our lives that shape us and make us the person we are today.



There has been a lot of hype lately about this 31 Day Fat Loss Cure program that's been touted all over the internet.
This article is specifically written you women, mainly because as you get older, you tend to develop fat on the back of your upper arm. I get this question all the time "How do I lose arm fat?"This happens in most women especially if they gain weight and are not exercising. Basically, the reason for this is hormones.
Lose belly fat fast with just 45 minutes, three times a week. This is a quick, but intense workout designed to burn a lot of calories and supercharge your metabolism for the rest of the day.
When someone sets out on a diet and exercise routine to lose weight, they most often or not get stuck throughout the process. The time when most people get stuck is towards the end when they seem to not be able to get rid of those fat love handles.
Reducing those love handles is probably the hardest part of the dieting process. All the time, I get questions from people who have been losing weight for a long time but find it hard to lose that extra 5 to 10 pounds to finally get that flat belly and lean look around their midsection.
As an exercise science major, I am very fortunate to be able to help my clients with their weight loss problems. They pay me very well for it too, but in the end it is all worth it as opposed to wasting money on useless gadgets from infomercials and paying for a fancy gym membership each month.
Somewhere right now, somebody is probably poking themselves, grabbing that spare tire in the mirror wishing they never had it. They probably have spent hundreds of dollars on fancy fat burners and crazy infomercial routines promising quick results in a little amount of time. I’m sorry, but this will never happen. What you need to do is get smart with your exercise and diet routine.
Ever since the first infomercial, people have been mis-informed regarding how to get a set of six pack abs and how to get rid of their love handles. To be honest, its not as hard as you would think. People spend billions and billions a year on these fancy exercise gadgets promising quick results in a matter of minutes.
Getting rid of love handles if very hard, even for me and I am a personal trainer. But over time I have developed a systematic approach to it all. One that doesn’t involve tons of cardio or fad diets. I eat healthy; my clients eat plenty and still lose weight.
Love handles are probably one of the peskiest things to rid of when someone is dieting. They are usually the last thing to go, especially in men. Everyone hates them and many people are very embarrassed by their love handles. I don’t blame them because I felt that very shame not too long ago, until I finally got rid of them forever.