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Life insurance in simple terms we can say that it is the protection coverage policy that we are taking to protect our life and family member's life. It can also be considered as the savings of money. Even the insured person dies at the time of insurance time; the insured money will be given to that family by the life insurance company.
The life insurance becomes protection for the insured person family suddenly when that insured person dies. For example, the insured money helps that particular family for marriage, education, and even it is used for repayment of debts.
The life insurance policy is also in short -term protection coverage. This kind of policy is not only offered to individuals but also given for the families. It is applicable to one to six months depending upon the insured person need, they can extend the policy. It is low-cost protection coverage when compared to the long term policy. However, they cannot gain more from this policy when compared to the traditional policy.
Funeral insurance is also termed as pre-planned insurance plan or burial insurance, which is a part of life insurance. This type of insurance is particularly useful for one's life at their final expenses such as funeral ceremonies, flowers, caskets, etc., which is needed after their death. The customer may also choose the coffin which they want, and they can also tell the things that they needed at the time of their funeral service to the particular funeral insurance company.
This kind of life insurance is sometimes considered as a low benefit giving policy, and easily issuable policy. In this policy, the premiums can be a payable weekly, monthly basis or even payable in a single payment. The funeral service in some countries includes washing the body, covering it in a sheet and then burying in a slab in the cemetery.
Funeral insurance is a type of life insurance where an individual pays for his funeral service in advance in an insurance company and that company executes this funeral service with the help of some trust. The payment of insurance can be made either monthly or even full payment can be made.
Personal insurance is different from travel insurance. Travel insurance is used to protect the person and his family when suddenly they face accident or damage to their property while traveling.
This insurance covers some of the features of the travel plan. It can be the cost of the travel ticket if the trip is canceled or loss of items at the time of travel or some other features. The cost of this insurance may vary depending upon the trip or even the plan that is selected by the insurer. This policy can be taken along with their travel ticket or can be taken as a separate policy.
A person who is not having any experience in traveling don't know the importance of buying travel insurance before starting the trip. They might have ignored or due to lack of time must be the reason for them to be not able to buy the travel insurance before the start. In this situation also it is possible for them to buy the travel insurance.
The home insurance is required for every house. In some cases if they have home insurance for their home, some finances will give debts based on their home. For every one biggest achievement in their life is to buy a new home or to construct a home only. So in addition to that they should protect their home with the help of home insurance from the damages that are caused due to nature or some other possibilities.