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The younger generation is not averse to changing their jobs and relocating for better lifestyle, and many people like to experience a city first-hand.
Mumbai is not just India’s financial capital; it is also India’s art capital. Mumbai is where the creative people flock to when they want to take their art to another level and get recognition from the world.
Gone are the days when government banks ruled the roost where the government employee was the king and the customer a lowly supplicant.
If not democracy or governance, colonial times at least taught many Indians to speak decent English.
The much-reviled and much-loved Chief Minister of Gujarat has often been dubbed as the CEO of Gujarat; he has helped to worked hard to build a brand called ‘Gujarat’, projecting an image of business-friendly state.
Gujarat has been in headlines for the more than ten years. The growing economy of the state has taken riots, floods and earthquakes in its stride.
The western world may be reeling under the hard blows of recession, but Indian economy continues its steady march towards economic progress and development.
The booming Indian economy is raising the standards of living and more and more numbers are added to the middle class (now over 200 million).
Gujarat has always been one of India’s economic bastions. The state is heavily industrialized—a direct response to the lack of arable land, inadequate rainfall and underdeveloped irrigation systems.
The old saying goes, “A Shopkeeper should always wear a smile.” But it is not easy, even for a seasoned shopkeeper, to maintain a smiling countenance while looking at the retreating backs of his former customers walking towards the huge mall right across the road.