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Nothing will kill an interview faster than the wrong answers to questions. I have been through about 100 interviews in my career. Through all of them, nothing was more important than watching an interviewee think and respond to a question. Most often, it was not the answer but how they thought and responded.
Even though about 80% of all jobs are found through networking, developing a professional network is not about looking for a job. It’s about creating professional resources for information, referrals, expertise and collaboration that last well beyond your current job search.
You are young, smart, and comfortable with new technologies. Learn how to use these in your job search and interview to propel your career.
If you are buying these prepaid cards for the first time, then you need to closely make comparisons on each calling card providers' services by clearly and properly understanding the fine print that is provided along with the calling card, and make decisions on which one are the best ones that suits your needs and requirements.
Stress; what is it? We can blame stress on a lot of things, but actually, stress is what your body experiences when you’re forced to deny what you want in favor of what you "must” do. Clearly, some stress is good, and some urges are better put aside. Experiencing the beauty of achievement after a long struggle, or the "thrill of the chase,” would be gone without stress. But then, there are other, destructive forms of stress too.
What’s different about getting a job in 2010? Get ready for new industries, new focus and new opportunities coming at you. Here’s how...
More than 80% of the next decade’s top 30 jobs require post-secondary degrees or certified training to enter or advance in the field. With the future in mind, investing your time and money in school and training is an excellent choice for almost any career. Your investment and commitment deserve to be taken seriously. Start out right by asking questions and creating a plan before taking the plunge.
Telling a story is a sure fire way to get hired. Here is how to prepare for an interview and differentiating yourself through a story.
Congratulations; you’ve landed an interview – the first step in the hiring process! Celebrate for a moment, and then take a deep breath. There are a few more hurdles to jump before landing that job. How do you prepare?
Dissatisfaction, boredom, changing life styles and limited advancement or compensation opportunities headline traditional career change lists. But today career change drivers are just as likely to be for non-elective reasons. No matter if your decision is driven by a pursuit for happiness or a pursuit for survival; follow these important rules to insure a smart and lasting career change.