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Award Winning Author Judy Azar LeBlanc was born in Raton, New Mexico, was raised and educated in Albuquerque, and is an Honored Member of the Cambridge Who's Who, Toastmasters International and the East Texas Writers' Guild.  She is the author of Things My Father Never Taught Me, The Compromise, The Unveiling, and her fourth and favorite title of Many Faces to Many Places. Judy is internationally published in the FONATUR Tourist Magazine, sponsored by the federal government of Mexico and is featured in the Xulon Press publications entitled God's Rainbow Book, Praise Reports, and How I Met my True Love.  She currently resides in Hideaway, Texas.  Visit her website at www.manyfacestomanyplaces.com
Who said strike-three and you're out? Here's how I beat the odds of going from a POD published author to a Multi-Award Winning Author with good sales, successful book signings, and a high internet profile.
An explanation of Justification in layman's terms. If you are like me, I like to keep things simple. Without minimizing the significance and the profoundness of the term by putting it in layman’s terms, I find the answer to be quite simple.
Sales and presentation strategy to have a successful book signing.