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Serving in import export company in Lahore Pakistan as an assistant export manager with having, a vast computer operations experience. Believing, everyday work and new tasks in field is providing new skills to having more and more confidence/experience. It is very important to meet jobs whose never you done already. This source gives new tracks of knowledge than a routine works. Love to read articles and news with surfing on internet.



Many times, we listen, a preacher's lecture attended by thousands of people and many people healed by the grace of Lord Jesus. Our God is always ready to heal from dangerous diseases. God listen prayers and requests. If someone pray with a strong faith alone this is good but if prayers offered alike in shape of a team with a strong faith that is very, very good.
New Year And Our All Years. God always count our years and never forget us for a while because a man is the only creation which always cared by God. Last year passed with happy and sad times.
Nobody knows that what is going to happen with him within a next moment. There is no trust on life because this all granted by God and whenever as well as wherever God can finish a man's lifeline very simply.
Blessings are different and God's thought for us is different. Amazingly, God knows us what we are and what we are going to speak. Everything in us God recognizes very easily and guides us for our good life.
Pray is very important and it makes spiritual life very strong. This is fantastic way to meet with God, convey requests and apologizes. Beside this all, in prayers we can know the God's will too.
As a human being, there is no any problem if we are Christian belonging or belonging with any other respected religion. Just think and read then I assure you Jesus Christ will work in your life and you will see the reality of His existing in your own life.
Discusses, lectures giving or taking, reading wisdom from books or Holy Books is not sufficient for the earth life as well as for eternal life until we do not act or become practical.
We are home of God. Yes, this is true and God lives in us. When we live in a house of bricks we decorate it with the good things inner and outer if, whom will see will praise and say what a beautiful house.