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Serving in import export company in Lahore Pakistan as an assistant export manager with having, a vast computer operations experience. Believing, everyday work and new tasks in field is providing new skills to having more and more confidence/experience. It is very important to meet jobs whose never you done already. This source gives new tracks of knowledge than a routine works. Love to read articles and news with surfing on internet.



After Peshawar Army School attack my heart always remember these children. My breath is still becomes fast when I see my children and all those who want to go their Schools but there is declared holidays by the Government of Pakistan for a month. So I am really sad and not happy and no more words to write.......... I am sorry. Oh Lord Jesus see my heart and tears of my eyes I only wish of safe return to home all children of schools. Amin!
Titled question is religious one. Few people believe that our faith works in our life. A strong faith can change circumstances of a man’s life. But unfortunately most people believe that God is in church or in a mosque only and no way, God can work in our life.
Lahore – May, Madam Hillary Visit Frequently
Local Government Dept Awaits MPA’s Schemes
Are We Ready?
Seven Promises - From the beginning love keeps greatest place in the heart of human beings.
Moment is same for righteous or evil deeds. I think time is same if we do a good for someone or for our self or worst for someone or for our self in our earth life.
Here I am writing only for the sick peoples in this world. Whoever read this article I hope having a patient around work place or home.
Kindness like God. Here if we think carefully are we not living an un-identical life in sins. Are we not the enemies of God as sinner? We honored and blessed by God all the time but we ignore all due to our own wrong works and ignorant.
Many times, we listen, a preacher's lecture attended by thousands of people and many people healed by the grace of Lord Jesus. Our God is always ready to heal from dangerous diseases. God listen prayers and requests. If someone pray with a strong faith alone this is good but if prayers offered alike in shape of a team with a strong faith that is very, very good.