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9-5 IT Contractor for other organisations doing Technical Author, Process or Operations Analyst or Trainer or Mentor roles. Latest clients are Capita insurance and Investor Services; Nomad Software; Barclaycard; AOL; Petro-Canada; Cluster Seven and BT.

Own account publish books, ebooks, articles and abstracts and try to move on to fiction and non-fiction writing and Ghostwriter for others doing novels, autobiographies and books.


Looking at it from the Small Business Owners view.
Covers the bad regulation and taxing of UK Private Pensions
How to do monthly accounts and use them to complete annual accounts.
The procedures cover the stages in the Project Management Methodology - PRINCE2.
Helps Creative's to produce a Creative Brief from gathered requirements.
The book is all about taking the right Minerals, Vitamins, Supplements, Yoga and Breathing Exercises to feed your Brain and be Happy.
The majority of these contracts where attached to the forces or for the forces.
How my Hobby led to a Career in electronics
Sub-contracts in the UK and Western Europe