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Many actors including local people have no option then harvest timber illegally as they must face high economic cost in licenses, transportation and time-consuming.
We had reviewed some data in last article about historical background of Israel bombing to Palestine. War has rooted in Bani Israel race since hundreds year a go and seems what B. Franklin warned us is truly in fact.
Bomb in Palestine make tears come out from many eyes. How can be a country which is the place of birth of three religions must felt suffered for many years. Based on an article wrote by Abu Muhammad Waskito who tried to collect many data then arrange it as an historical background of root of the conflict, we will try to make analyze and open our eyes to help humanity and civilization.
It is getting hard to control population in this new era as rapid population for many times blame as the trouble maker for many problems in this world.
Over the last two decades of the 20th century, rapid deforestation has taken its tool. Indonesia as a country that has huge forests, also suffer from bad deforestation. Data shows, in last 50 years, forest area has decreased from 162 million hectares to 98 millions hectares in 1996.
Many tourists from all over the countries around the world who visit Indonesia will try to find Batik as merchandises. Nevertheless, Indonesia government gives hard fight in promoting Batik as Indonesia traditional clothes.
Those children below the age singing a song with a little guitar or just with hand-clapping as their music instruments. Below a hot Khatulistiwa sunrise, they wearing no shoes, and with a dirty clothes and they skin is black burning by the tropical sun
Kissing is one of some ways to show care and love. Under our sub consciousness, our self ask us to give it to everyone that we love. We give respect and love kiss to our parents, sister and brother, we give friendship kiss to our friends, we give care kiss to our pets, we give warm, sweet, passionate and so much kiss to our husband/lover.
Are you bore with your routine at office? This era force us to work fast and continuity. We will leave behind when your hand, foot and brain move slow. Wake up in the morning, have breakfast, run to the bus stop, go to office, sit on your chair and you see in front of you is a same desk and a same monitor. When you see left and right, there are same men and women and there is a same work on your desk.