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Mark D. Shapiro -  http://www.JudgmentBuy.com - is a must-read for everyone involved with Judgments.

Many times it's worth trying to contact a judgment debtor to see if they are willing to pay, settle, or set up a payment plan. Because of state and federal laws, one must be careful when doing so.
It usually takes a long time before you make a consistent profit recovering judgments, so for most people, keeping expenses down is important.
Unlike cash or gold, a judgment is a piece of paper that only has value to the current owner. A stolen judgment is useless. Also, if you lose a judgment, the court (for a fee) can easily replace it.
A judgment lead is finding simple written information describing a civil money judgment, where money is owed by one or more person (or entities) to another.
Entity dissolutions are either defined by state laws, or the state's business corporation laws. In the laws, are often ways for a diligent and persistent creditor to perform discovery.
Whenever you ask a lawyer to work for you on a contingency basis, you are asking them to take on a financial risk.
As with many laws, the complete set of FDCPA laws are lengthy and difficult to understand. Some of the most important sections specify that creditors must be careful not to tell people about the judgment debtor's debt.
On a judgment show, you can ask almost any question. Be aware, the hosts and guests are usually not lawyers, and you should consult with a lawyer if you want legal advice.
The web has enabled several new ways to list a judgment for sale, recovery, or trade. There are three kinds of judgment listing web sites.
Some states and courts are hostile to pro pers (propria persona, Latin for people representing themselves in court) enforcing judgments they now own, but did not originally own.