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GINI GRAHAM SCOTT, Ph.D., J.D., is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, and seminar/workshop leader, specializing in business and work relationships and professional and personal development.  As a sociologist and anthropologist, she writes books about popular culture, lifestyles, and criminal justice. She is founder and director of Changemakers and Creative Communications & Research, and has taught classes at several colleges, including California State University, East Bay, Notre Dame de Namur University, and the Investigative Career Program in San Francisco.  Besides writing nonfiction, she writes scripts for films and teleplays.

Gini has published over 50 books on diverse subjects. Her latest books on business relationships and professional development include: WANT IT, SEE IT, GET IT; DISAGREEMENTS, DISPUTES AND ALL OUT WAR; 30 DAYS TO A MORE POWERFUL MEMORY; A SURVIVAL GUIDE TO MANAGING EMPLOYEES FROM HELL; A SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR WORKING WITH BAD BOSSES; and A SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR WORKING WITH HUMANS (all from AMACOM 2004-2009).

Tips for how to find work by assessing skills, entrepreneurship.
Trying barter as a new source of income. Bartering is a system of trade that predates the use of money, whereby you trade your skills, services, or products for something you want from someone else.
How Networking groups can provide support for the new job seeker.
Ideas and coping mechanisms to make the work day more enjoyable even in stressful economic times.