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USB hubs are used to expand the networks that you can use and connect to. You can actually connect several machines to a USB hub and then you can connect it to your router.
Did you know that a wireless modem and router can stop you from being stuck to your desktop? These devices make it convenient and easy to connect computers and other Wi-Fi friendly gadgets to the internet throughout a house or workplace and allow visitors and guests the additional perk of going online if they wish to.
The Belkin Play Max Wireless Router, is part of Belkin’s new Wireless N technology line. This router primarily targets multimedia enthusiasts and gamers. It is compact, has dual-band N technology, Gigabit Ethernet, QoS, simultaneous networks with guest networking and storage, it has a traffic statistics chart and can also act as an access point.
High-Speed Downlink Packet Access or HSDPA is a new protocol used in mobile phone data transmission. It is commonly known as 3.5G or turbo 3G technologies, and essentially provides networks on UMTS or Universal Mobile Telecommunications System with higher internet connection speed.