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An IT Consultant with a career so far spanning over 20 years working in multi-disciplinary roles to become an expert in many facets of the IT world. Different areas of expertise are programming, database administration, server administration, infrastructure, system development, process development, web development, SEO, SEM and team management.

Founder of AotearoaDesigns Information Technology Specialists 

There is currently a silent battle going on in the world and it’s the world of counterfeit electronic components, the battle is raging between the counterfeiters who are successfully able to get their poor quality products into supply chains and the electronic component suppliers who have to keep up to date with who is supplying them their components.
At the center of New York, which some arguably class as the world’s fashion capital, there is the world famous Garment District. A neighborhood in midtown west, the garment district spans for one square mile and contains a multitude of fashion design houses and businesses specializing in manufacturing. It’s an important historical area of New York for many reasons.
As 2012 takes off, the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization has released figures that show the semiconductor global sales for 2011 have broken the record set in 2010 and global sales have gone over the $302 billion dollar mark, representing a 1.3% increase on 2010 sales. While sales records are getting broken, the hot topic at the moment, especially in the United States, is counterfeited components in the supply chain for the manufacturing and repairs of military equipment.