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My name is Edward Amaral and I am an attorney with offices located in Boston's historic North End, as well as the northshore, in Winthrop, MA. I am the President of the law firm, Amaral & Associates, P.C., as well as an asset search company, Asset Searches Plus, Inc.

Many times, family members feel that the executor of a Will is not disclosing all of the deceased's assets, leaving them in the dark. An heir can conduct an asset search on the deceased to verify that the executor is not hiding any information. An executor can also conduct an asset search to make sure they know the full nature of the decedent’s assets.
If you are the owner of a business or company that is suffering financially because customers are ignoring invoices, telephones calls, and correspondence regarding their past due accounts, conducting an asset search is the best step to take.
It is not always easy to make a decision when it comes to filing a lawsuit against a debtor. Before one can choose whether or not to sue, they should know whether the debtor has sufficient assets to secure payment or if the debtor has existing liabilities, judgments, and liens.
Lawyers and other professionals contact our office every day and ask whether it is permissible for an asset search company or private investigator to conduct bank, stock, bond or mutual fund account searches on a subject. The short answer is “no”.
An asset search can be used as a valuable tool in divorce. Conducting an asset search is simple, affordable and can reveal assets and liabilities that were not listed on the opposing party's financial statement or found within discovery.
An asset search can be used as a valuable pre-investment tool for an investor, partnership, joint venture or other business entity. Conducting an asset search is simple, affordable and can reveal information that would otherwise remain unknown.