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This author been writing articles and copy for websites for almost four years now. Prior to this time, Rutledge freelanced, writing inspirational articles and volunteering as a writing tutor for teen students. She also wrote advertising copy for businesses and charitable functions for years.

In the fast paced modern retail world, it is imperative that companies stay abreast of the latest technology. This is true in all industries, and retail stores are no exception.
Most retail businesses have heard about Cloud Computing and many have begun using this new business model for managing the cost of the IT infrastructure that supports their business. The challenge is how to leverage the benefits of the cloud without hurting business. The article covers the four factors every retail business must consider when embracing the cloud.
Cloud computing isn't going to go away, so how do IT managers ensure that they follow change management procedures that help, rather than hurt the businesses their IT enterprises support.
The world of healthcare information technology (IT) has unique challenges. And hospital IT managers are under significant pressure to meet these challenges. This article covers the questions IT management may have about the solutions available for managing hospital IT.
Application performance monitoring is a vital part of managing the IT environment all but the smallest businesses depend on. This article discusses how Garner measures Nastel's AutoPilot as one of the solutions available in the marketplace for meeting business needs for application performance management and monitoring, and business transaction management.
Every business uses some form of supply chain management, but not every business realizes how important application performance management and business transaction management are to optimizing the logistics of CPM.
Health insurance companies face an increasingly challenge to keep rates competitive. By applying business transaction management (BTM) solutions to IT applications, insurance companies are finding ways to increase efficiency of service. This article discusses why insurance companies are prepared to pay for BTM solutions.
If your business is like most today, you have become dependent on using software applications to help run your business. From applications that process customer orders to applications that tabulate your inventory to applications that track email, more and more businesses are in a position where they could not survive without technology. How do you know if poor application performance is draining your company's financial and human resources? This article explores the answer to this question.