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Doug Grady has been studying and teaching the pathways to personal potential for over 20 years. Exciting, entertaining and enlightening are words invariably used to describe his unique seminars and workshops. Doug is an entrepreneur, musician, and author of The Ripple Effect. He is President of High Achievers, and is owner or co-owner of three additional companies. His companies, writings, trainings, and music are designed with one purpose: to help people reach their God-given potential.

Doug gives a significant portion of his time and money to service, including local and global mission trips. He is a table leader at Peachtree Ironmen, dedicated to encouraging and equipping men to become a positive impact for Jesus at home, at work, and in the community. Doug is an active member of Peachtree Presbyterian church in Atlanta, GA.


"Doug Grady gives you practical, proven ideas and methods you can use immediately, and he presents them in a fast-moving, entertaining and enjoyable style." -Brian Tracy, Author, Maximum Achievement

"Doug Grady has real world information that will make you listen, make you laugh, make you think, and make you money." -Jeffrey Gitomer, Author, The Sales Bible

"Although I just arrived during your opening song, I can't tell you how long it's been that I've felt so totally re-energized; it's almost like the ideas and contacts wouldn't stop so I could get to sleep. I have a notepad next to my bed and it was full for the first time the next morning!" -Kathy Bonner, Group Sales Manager Laguna Playhouse

"Our greatest victories are won not over circumstances or other people but over ourselves." -Doug Grady
Ironmen meet every week to teach and discuss ideas and strategies on being better men. From June 11-18, 12 of us went to Guayaquil, Ecuador to build 9 homes for the poorest of the poor in conjunction with Hogar de Cristo. This is the fourth year for this trip, it was my first.
Sometimes potential customers evaluate your products and services positively after a presentation and still do not buy. Something was missing... assurance. Without assurance there is no sale. Lack of assurance is almost a form of buyer's remorse.
If you have been in sales for any oeriod of time you have experienced it- the sales slump. Here's how to get out.
Once your prospect considers the possibility they might do business with someone in your industry (it might even be you), evaluation begins. Human beings are evaluation machines. Evaluations are simply questions your prospects are asking which much be answered to their satisfaction before they buy.
Have you ever wondered why some people buy and some don't? Why you can ‘nail' a presentation and still lose the sale? Why some prospect with obvious needs won't even talk to you? Why some people give a fast "yes" but you end up with a slow "no"? Newsflash- it's not about you. There is really only one entity that determines if and when a sale is made, it's your prospect. These are the 4 steps all prospects go through before they buy anything from anyone.
The best salespeople, like the best poker players, have great instincts. They have the ability to READ people and the wisdom to act on their READs.