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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) teaches people to accept and find meaning in the impossible burdens of life. Acceptance of reality is not approval or not caring.
Parents should encourage children to take risks and help them manage their failures by explicit day to day experience. This will promote competency in children.
Nurture a growth mindset in Children in order to perform better in studies and life. Self-Efficacy is the key to growth
People react strongly when they feel their freedom is threatened. Human beings crave freedom from judgment, especially judgment from people they expect to love and accept them.
Moxie mental health makes people stronger than strong. Here is a simple example of oak and reed tree about their strengths.
Developing Curiosity in kids build their inner strengths. It also have a large impact on how they live their life and open up a new wonders of positive thinking and psychology.
Build a support system around kiths and connect with them to improve your relationships. These relationships gives you inner strengths to make good relationships.
Here are some tips from Moxie mental health on how to keep moving with mentally disorder families.
Character, strengths and value sare very important to lead a productive life. The study of mental health has included studying what traits allow people to maintain fulfilling relationships, cope successfully with adversity, and lead productive lives.
It is better to understand how emotional reactivity can get us stuck and how to get off of the flypaper. The limbic system controls the emotional component of the brain.