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B.A.(Litt.), MHRM, PGDPM & IR, Diploma in Training & Development,

Certified Trainer and Facilitator, Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA

Mr.Phani  is  the Founder CEO of  aimkaam  consultrainers, Hyderabad, India, a Training and Management Consulting Company. Mr.Phani is a Career Management Consultant, HR Professional, Soft Skills Trainer, Writer,  Administrator,  Journalist,  Content Writer  on  Internet,  contributor  to  various magazines and newspapers, with 24 years experience in varied industries such as Defence R&D, Media, Biotech and IT industries.

He worked in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mauritius, Mumbai and Mahad (Maharashtra)  at various levels during his professional journey of more than two decades.

Apart  from  the  long  list  of  his  achievements,  he  was  interviewed  by  MBC  (Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation) on Indian Culture and also by World Space Satellite Radio Moksha Channel on Soft Skills He was recognised as Expert Author on American Website www.ezinearticles.com for his continuous contribution for the cause of his passionate profession, soft skills training and management. 

 He has produced an audio book titled ‘Empower yourself through Employability Skills' for job seekers, professionals and employees.

 He is highly resourceful and very active on the Internet in various HR groups on line.  His articles  on  various  management  topics  were  published  by  Economic  Times,  Training  and Management, New Delhi and Business Manager, Alwar, Rajasthan.

 He  is a passionate Trainer and helped  thousands of students and professionals  to realize the dreams of grabbing a job of their choice.

 He  strongly  believes  that  transformation  of  Human  Resources  into  Human  assets  is possible  only  with  AIMKAAM  i.e.  Attitude,  Innovation,  Motivation,  Knowledge,  Ability, Adaptability and Management.

If a recruiter want to recruit you, no questions asked, they will do that at any cost. If they don’t want to, they will put you all questions to make you feel like a fool. Though I will not compromise on quality of the candidates, this recession compelled me to have some compassion as a Recruiter and compromise on some such as communication skills, minor errors in attitude when it comes to selecting the right candidate. How to go about it?
Post Globalisation, HR Departments across the globe claim that they are the very foundation and only facilitators of businesses flourishing never before on the earth.HR is just a support function in any Company and it is the only function which gains confidence and respect of the people and Management through the functioning style of the Head of the department.