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Originally, I was an accountant and then found some pills and a good counsellor and got over it!

Was a business coach and then moved to being a personal coach, running personal development workshops in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. I also co-facilitated AIDS workshops in Sth Africa.

I've written several personal development books, published a magazine, am a columnist for several magazines and have just created our website, Personal Development Academy to give people access to personal development courses in an affordable (in time and money) way and to give people to access free reports, coaches, events and publications to help them become MAD - Making A Difference.


What they don't tell you in The Secret is that, in the search for anything, the first thing that happens is that the blocks to that thing come up. So, a breakdown does not mean you're doing the wrong thing - it means you're just about to have a breakthrough.
There are 2 types of actions we can take: 1. A call for love, or 2. And act of love Within every act of cruelty is a call for love which can easily be transmuted to an act of Love.