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My name is Ben Aidoo. I am the publisher of Ezy Net Articles with focus on general articles. Have been doing this for the past 7 years. I have written several ebooks including 5 on religious topics. Presently, I'm devoting my time to writing articles on Health and Fitness, and about issues on the health and happiness of people over 50.

Above everything the food you eat and how much physical exercise you do determine the condition of your health.
We are concern about weight because we are gaining weight and can see the health risks ahead. Even worse is to start a weight loss program without a plan, as there are pitfalls in losing weight that you need to avoid.
The types of foods you eat are not as important as the nutrition in those foods. Foods are important to us because of the nutrition they provide our bodies to be healthy, to grow and the energy to perform.
The need to take diet and fitness programs seriously has become the clarion call to this generation, because to varying degrees every household in the U.S. is touched by weight-gain and obesity, not to mention the deadly diseases including stroke and heart attack that flow from them.
Like many Americans, if you are concern about your weight and the diseases associated with weight-gain, choosing a sensible protein diet is major step toward putting you on a weight-loss glide path without endangering your health.
The hype that a low carbohydrate diet is an effective weight loss plan, in the view of critics, has been overblown. At best it fails to reduce body fat as fast as promised, and at worse it could be harmful to your health.
A divorce is like a death in the family. It is the death of the marriage that brought together two people in love; made more painful when there are children involved. Hence, it is no exaggeration to say that after a divorce
When you talk to anyone over 35 struggling with losing weight, he or she will tell you if only they could lose the fat on their waistline they will be happy, yet the waistline is where body fat is the hardest to lose because
More often than not people are confused by the information they receive on fats. In one case they are told fats are good for them, in another fats are bad. For many it's difficult finding what types of fats are good and how much is safe. I've put together some pointers