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Laura Bell is Freelance Writer. The Bell Business Report offers common sense business advice and how-to info for running your business. It takes the everyday headlines apart, dealing with business news, and shows you how to put that information to work for you.

The following tidbit is aimed at anyone wanting to save their company money. Recently the problem of data storage has been given some coverage in the business press.
We went through years of giving more media cover to the ebbs and flows of how the market was effected by small business and entrepreneurs. The tide is now going in the opposite direction.
This is an area which at the current time is still in need of some desperate inhouse cleaning. Some of the faux pas which currently take place are results from the leftover changes from when some banks used to be S&Ls.
The number of woman-owned businesses just keeps increasing astronomically. With each opening comes the hunt for new clients.
People, consumers and business, look at the subject of competition with more emotion than logic.
I have a conversation recently with my oldest son about a franchise he is dreaming of buying.
The boom of the dotcom companies drew the eager multitudes into this erroneous thinking once again. You can see where this got us. It could be labeled, from those with a clear mind, that it was the straw that broke the camel's back of the California economy.
Stop trying to convince yourself or anyone else that you can run a business without a budget. I am still running across ecommerce sites claiming they can't pay for services because they are start-ups.
What better way to introduce a piece on pricing decisions. Before you think it is boring, keep your hat on. How your price your product or service can make or break you.
Wealth is the most coveted thing in this country. People will do silly things and make a fool of themselves on national television for a chance at getting a piece of the action.