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Laura Bell is Freelance Writer. The Bell Business Report offers common sense business advice and how-to info for running your business. It takes the everyday headlines apart, dealing with business news, and shows you how to put that information to work for you.

With rising prices for years, one could easily argue greed. Then there were the financing agents who were determined to get folks into homes despite all odds. The forces involved in this particular market are in a mess.
Years back when I had to do a story on mutual funds, I interviewed Walter Lipper who was big in mutual funds those days.
Nothing seems to stir up the populace more than a discussion about tax cuts. The average Joe Blow on the street is always happy with the news he might have more money in his pocket. Politicians get a kick out of the premise because they like making their constituents happy.
This is a new lead on a prime-time television commercial for an investment group. This is a truth that describes our society. The question is why?
Understanding this concept is basic to making wise decisions when it comes investing. Now, with the values of real estate dropping like a lead balloon, this topic is even more important. No one invests with the idea of losing money.
This is a good question to ponder when the country is awaiting their economic stimulus checks with baited breath. Consumers tend to think checks are going to keep coming.
It's been brought to my attention that the increased scarcity of water is looming on the horizon as a massive problem.
There is a new prime time commercial about a furniture business that has great numbers. The owners talk for a minute or two about what they are going to need to keep up with the demand. The conclusion was that Citi Group would help.
Starting a business can be overwhelming. Those newly bricked roads twist and turn so much they some times get newbie business owners twisted in their thinking. Running out the starting gate is a rush and many get crushed in the shuffle.
I have an ex-husband who thought the answer to his financial worries was his current job and working his own business on the side. The side businesses started and stopped ten times during the course of his working life.