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As a Pre-Paid Legal Associate; Blogger; Internet Entrepreneur and Home-Based Business owner, I bring over 10 years experience as a sportswriter, columnist, radio sports talk show producer, sports talk show host, sportscaster, and newscaster -- all prior to the advent of the internet. I intend to take my passion of helping working-class citizens obtain and retain not just attorneys but, law firms to help them level the legal playing field for their everyday legal and life events, and to help and mentor aspiring offline and online entrepreneurs with their passion wherever it may lie to pass it on, and pay it forward.

Among all of the possessions you may own as successful business persons; quite possible the most important item you can own is a Last Will and Testament. Without it, all of your possessions, your hard work, could result in a long procedure in your state probate court to determine who of your survivors get the things you have left behind. Be sure to make time to complete this small, but important task that will protect your investment not only for yourself, but for your family.
A good time to write and complete your Living Will is when you are healthy. To wait until you are in the hospital, and possibly unable to communicate in any way with anyone, is too late. What this important legal document does is provide specific instructions to your loved ones and to the physicians as to what level of medical care you want to receive while your are in the hospital, and to what extent you want to be resuscitated or maintained on life support if you are unconscious.
The ability of digital techno-thieves to steal your social security number for the purposes of accessing your financial, medical and personal information has increased by the nano-second. Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in America; as fast as security systems work to prevent techno-thieves from stealing, hackers are working just as fast to break those security codes.