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Management is a set of practices that are required to define objectives of an organization and planning, strategies, allocating resources and measuring the results to achieve those objectives.
There is no denying for the importance of management practices in our lives since beginning. The history stretches back to the time right from when the evolution of human being was on the rise.
Management Practices have been an Important part of our life since beginning not only in the e huge tasks Requiring a set of skills for accomplishment but also Including the usual daily life Activities that we don’t consider important enough to be given That much amount of Focus and time.
The Fundamental imbalances in market have led to a continuous cycle of rapidly enhancing salaries especially among new faculty that has removed many schools from the market for qualified talent at doctoral level. Data on the supply of doctoral faculty are vital to be analyzed.
More people now understand the Impacts of Independent Thinking of an Entrepreneur and the benefits it derives not only for the person but also for the Society and nation by creating more and more Job Opportunities. It has been possible only due to the awareness spread by the Government in the recent Years.
India has been rising as a Global Education Hub for the Students from around the world. With more and more world-class Courses being offered in a healthy climate by world-class Institutions, India is now the said to be the Fourth most desirable Education Hub in the World.
Education System in India has a deep history that stretches back to the ancient urban centers of learning at Taxila and Nalanda. Western education that supported the Colonial System integrated into Indian society with the establishment of the “British Raj”.
Civil service Exam (Also Called IAS Exams) is undoubtedly the toughest Examination of the country to crack.
There are many professions which are lucrative and prestigious that Includes engineering, management, Medical and the Information Technology sector.
Civil Services require a set of Qualities in the Person so that he can manage the Complexities, Unpredictable Situations and Problems hat may arise in the Civil Services at a regular Daily basis.